Hungerford Properties development vision for 1401 17 Avenue SE (LOC2022-0064) includes a high-quality, mixed-use redevelopment strategically located among several community amenities and within a future Transit-Oriented Development node. The subject site is a part of the larger Brewery-Rail Lands Comprehensive Planning Area, which includes two other active applications: LOC2022-0022 by MATCO Development ( and LOC2022-0198 by The Calgary Drop-In Centre (

The project team has launched a comprehensive planning and community outreach process. To stay in touch, provide feedback, and find out more about the project, we encourage all interested stakeholders to share their thoughts via the online feedback form, project team email, or project team phone line at the bottom of this page. 

To view the project Vision Brief and learn more about the proposal, please click the link below.

Download Vision Brief

To view a Conceptual Shadow Study, please click the link below.

Download Conceptual Shadow Study

A policy addition / amendment has been submitted by the private landowners / Applicant as a formal City of Calgary requirement and to support the active Land Use Redesignation and / or Outline Plan applications (LOC2022-0064, LOC2022-0022, LOC2022-0198). These policies should be considered draft – they are under active review by The City of Calgary, subject to change, and for discussion and feedback purposes only. To view the Proposed Policy Amendment, please click the link below.


Estimated Project Timeline and Next Steps

Pre-Application ReviewSummer 2018
Land Use Application SubmissionApril 2022
Public Outreach EventJanuary 31st, 2023
Calgary Planning CommissionEarly/Mid 2023
Calgary City Council Public HearingMid 2023

Public Outreach Event

Thank you to everyone who took the time to join the project team on January 31, 2023 at our Public Outreach Event at the YW Hub in Inglewood. The event was very well attended and provided the project team with a lot of thoughtful feedback on the proposed Land Use Redesignation and supporting Policy Amendment. Hungerford Properties (LOC2022-0064), MATCO Development (LOC2022-0022), and The Calgary Drop-In Centre (LOC2022-0198) were very pleased to share the collective vision for the Brewery-Rail Lands Comprehensive Planning Area, listen to comments, and answer questions.

Please stay tuned for our Outreach Summary, which will be posted to this website as soon as completed. We also encourage you to continue to get in touch to find out more or share your thoughts through the Online Feedback Form, Project Team Phone Line, or Project Team Email below. The Hungerford Properties project team thanks everyone for their continued interest and feedback!

To view the Public Outreach Event Boards, please click the link below.


Other Comprehensive Planning Area Application Websites:

MATCO Development (LOC2022-0022)

The Calgary Drop-In Centre (LOC2022-0198)

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